May 19, 1999 – Historical Society News

  • By Marion Bahensky

We are devastated by Roderick Burkhardt’s awful car crash Everyone in town seems to be concerned about “that nice kid that does so much for the Historical Society” He has a lot of surgery, suffering, and rehabilitation to undergo, but let‘s hope he will soon be back with us We. of course. feel terrible about Mr. Meyer. the other Victim of the accident. If only we had more local jobs so that our kids would not have to drive so much My camera was in the crash because Roderick wanted to take a picture of a Grand Island fence that he thought our City Council might approve in place 0 their chain link fence Roderick has worked very hard for St. Paul His ICU room number is 3l23. He is at St Joseph Medical Center. 601 N 30, Omaha. NE 68131

Margy Becker Cook has donated the necessary funds to buy the Union Pacific desk from the old St. Paul railroad depot. It will have a donor’s plaque mounted on it. Other nice donations have been received from Bernie/Dale Johnson and our favorite lawn mower/lamplighter. Memorial donations have been received for Keith Davis from his family and Shirley/Vance Wohlers. The family of Donald Thompson has donated the three nice little spruce trees newly planted In the southwest corner.

Of course you Will have noticed the other wonderful Improvement at the Historical Village. Twenty hardworking people scraped and painted primer on 3/4 of the depot. and four people from Jack and Jill donated refreshments (See “Thank You“ Card.) Dan and Barb McIntyre also came by to work. but at that hour we thought it was too wet to paint. We will finish the primer coat, but will delay the final coat until all the wood repair Is done. Let us hope for dry weather so that repairs can be made We believe this paint Job Is an enormous Improvement and are most grateful for all the donated labor and food.

We have ordered 5,220 new metal shingles like the ones now on the depot, which will be delivered in “mid-June.” We plan to put a plastic coating on each shingle after painting it, before we put the shingles on the depot We need a very large well-ventilated indoor space for the last two weeks In June to do thats work Suggestions are welcome Also volunteers.

Next weekend us housecleaning weekend. You are most welcome to help clean Village buildings on Saturday Evelyn Dvorak. Janet Hruza and Helen Schlueter already cleaned the Gruber House and It is sparkling clean. Many people have done wonderful work for us this spring in order to make the Historical Village the best looking it has ever been