Howard County Historical Village

Welcome to the Howard County Historical Village….

This little collection of pioneer-era buildings contains authentic buildings from early days in Nebraska. It consists of seven buildings on Sixth Street (between Indian &Jay Streets) and a merchant’s house at 1005 Sixth Street, (NW of the main site). Only the depot was built outside of Howard County. Four of the wooden buildings on the village site were located at Indian and Fifth Streets from 1965-1991. Un-treatable termites then caused the church, school, store, and shop to be moved to their present location, The post office, coal shed, and depot were added from 1997-2001. A steel-sided building at Indian and Fifth Streets contains antique agricultural equipment, but is temporarily closed. Museum buildings are sponsored and maintained by the Howard County Historical Society.

Historical Village buildings and grounds are maintained by volunteers, with donations from the public and a $1/year tax levy from each citizen of Howard County. We hope you will enjoy your visit and come again, You are most welcome to join the Howard County Historical Society. We try to preserve the history of the County in a manner that will educate and inspire interested individuals, and to collect and preserve artifacts related to our settlement: social, ethnic, religious, economic, military service, and farming.