the Depot of Farwell/Posen

Farwell Depot

Farwell Depot un-date photo

The current location of the depot from Farwell is unknown, but a bit of history as uncovered a bit of information about the station at Farwell. In the early years there were two competing towns in the area now known as Farwell, one named Farwell and the other Posen. At the time the railroad went through the area, it would seem that the railroad was more interested in serving the community of Posen than that of Farwell. The railroad named the station there Posen, and until the railroad pulled up and left, the Official name of the station at Farwell remained Posen.

We are continuing to research further information about this and other depots and the communities they served. If you have any information you would like to share about this depot, community, or any other piece of Howard County history, please contact us, we would enjoy speaking with you.