Genealogy Resources

State Resources

Birth, Death and Adoption records from 1904 to present can be requested from Vital Records, P.O. Box 95065, Lincoln, 68509-5065. Request Form 6/99 B 1.

County Resources

  • Courthouse, 612 Indian Street, St. Paul 68873 “Delayed” birth certificates (birth took place before 1904) Apply to Clerk of the District Court with confirming data and return postage.
  • Naturalization and Marriage records are filed by date with the County Clerk. Marriage dates can be located from a name index. Records begin in 1872.
  • Land records (all dates and transfers of ownership, including mortgages) are in the office of the County Clerk. An index by name(s) refers to the Section, Township, and Range of all properties. The ownership of a particular property can then be traced from homestead grant to the present.
  • School records and censuses are kept in the office of the County Assessor and are incomplete before 1880. (Some data for 1874, 1876, and 1880 is available.) Records list children attending each school and date of birth, though some records list age only.
  • Probate records (Death dates, family information, and real estate) are filed at the office of the Clerk of the County Court.

City Library

  • Saint Paul Community Library, 1301 Howard Ave., St. Paul. 68873
  • Republican and Phonograph Index, 1902-1909.
  • Phonograph Index, 1910-1919 (Births, Marriages, Special Events, and Deaths referenced to newspaper dates) compiled by Barbara O’Neill).
  • Shaking Your Family Tree, (Crandall) New England Historical Genealogical Society, c. 2001.
  • Stearly: History through Genealogy Highlights, St. Paul History, by Press Publisher Spring Creek Cemetery directory
  • 1880 Federal Census, Howard County.
  • Historical Sketch of the Organization of Howard County, by Robert Harvey, 1876.
  • History of Howard County by Lillian Fisher (mimeo) Centennial History of Farwell, 1987.
  • St. Paul High School Yearbooks, 1910 to present.
  • Entering Howard County, Bahensky & Sack, Howard Co. Historical Society, 2000.
  • historically speaking, published by the Howard County Historical Society

Online Resources

  • Howard County Roots Web
  • Howard County Newspaper Digital Archives
    Includes the following newspapers:

    • Dannebrog New (1900, 1902, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1909-1940)
    • Howard County Herald (1922-1971)
    • Phonograph (1878, 1880-1887, 1911-1971)
    • Phonograph Herald (1971-2002)
    • Phonograph Press (1902-1910)
    • Press (1897-1901)
    • Republican (1896, 1918-1922)
    • Saint Paul Press (1888-1897)
    • Saint Paul Republican (1892-1899)
    • St. Paul Phonograph (1886-1897)
    • St. Paul Press (1901-1902)
    • St. Paul Republican (1899-1910)

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