December 11, 2002 – Historical Society News

  • By Marion Bahensky

You should have seen Lucy Lee in her traditional Korean dress on Sunday. It is a stunningly beautiful costume and Lucy looked great. Another advantage of having your house on the Home Tour is that it gets clean and organized. It has even stayed clean. We though the Depot Christmas trees were absolutely wonderful and hope to have another exciting show next year. Suggestions have been for other organizations to decorate trees and/or a gingerbread house display. Suggestions are welcome. The Depot is a nice central visible location for such community activities. How about “first-come, first served“ for next year? We’ll take reservations for space in the order received. Vonna Larson shared her Victorian Santas, Sue Hansel her glass art, and House of Memories their special Christmas decorations. We set this up in a hurry this year; there were probably other crafts people I was not able to reach. Please contact me. Sue Hansel and I were also considering trying to start an annual local craft show—in a bigger place, of course.

Every Christmas tree in the Depot was unique and special. We are most pleased about the amount of

time and thought that went into the decorations, and especially happy that Elba and Cotesfield joined in. St. Paul doesn‘t mean to be a big bully (perish the thought!), but sometimes we don’t give our smaller neighbors their fair share of the publicity or credit. I can‘t name here all the people who worked on the decorations, but believe me that we all appreciate your kindness and sharing. I can name Phil LaRoe for sharing his very special Lionel train, which chugged away all thy Sunday under the Society “transportation” tree.

Buzz Welch, Ron Sack, Janet Hruza, and Evelyn Dvorak put up some very nice Christmas decorations at the Village and the Gruber House. Our friends bought lots of baked goods and paid membership dues at the bake sale. We were given some very fine door prizes for the Home Tour. Also much appreciation to Kinder Morgan for the use of their building for our bake sale and apologies to Steve DeCamp, Jon Ermels, and the Cooks for all our key problems.

Erma Rasmussen did a lot of work to put together a history of the telephone company in St. Paul. The Winter Society newsletter is at the printer. It is important to get our history written down before

those who can verify the facts at gone.

Ending on a proud note, Dorothy Platek brought us a nice donation from the ZCBJ, which my father would be glad to know about. And I keep forgetting to express appreciation to Buzz Welch

for cleaning up the bricks and sand which junked up our site. After that, the City could repaint the

parking lines. We have good friends.

Most sincere appreciation to our Home tour hosts, Jerry and Shirley Badura, Ron and Jeanette Bahensky. Don and Becky Knox and Father Ray Kosmicki. We are grateful for your hospitality In

sharing your beautiful homes.