December 18, 2002 – Historical Society News

  • By Marion Bahensky

Ken and Eleanor Christensen will present a colorful and informative program on the Lewis and Clark expedition on Sunday, January 12, as part of the “Second Sunday In St Paul” series planned for 2003 Ken and Eleanor gave a quick version of their slides and narrative last summer, during Chautauqua. The Historical Society has asked them to do a more relaxed version at this time. Plan to brighten up your winter with this most interesting and fun survey. They traveled the whole trail, a little at a time, took pictures, recruited photos of unusual murals and studied the Journals thoroughly to add an appropriate narrative. Ken and Eleanor were invited to present this material to the staff of the Central Community College at their 2002 In-Service training. Which was offered in two 45-minute sessions. On this Sunday, the program will be presented at the Library at 2 p.m., with plenty of time for discussion.

A program is offered on the second Sunday of each month throughout the year, including the Fair and GCA Days Programs include talks, needlework shows, a sing-along of old-time hymns, a concert, a slide tour of Italy by Don Davis, and a genealogy meet. We hope to provide social events for our friends, and to also attract the out-of-town visitors who enjoyed St. Paul so much during the Chautauqua. Information will be available at the Chamber office.

We again offer sincere gratitude to all the folks who put up such pretty Christmas trees in the Depot. I have enjoyed their lights every evening and have made excuses to go back inside to look at the trees. I sometimes find myself driving on the wrong side of the road as I look at the Depot windows as I go by. All Society directors join me in wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas.